“Taj Mahal” of Negros: Feel the love

Have you been to the “Taj Mahal” of Negros? I am referring to Bacolod’s “The Ruins”. This Philippine heritage landmark is famous for a love story that is both romantic and tragic. The remains of a once magnificent 2-storey mansion stood the test of time and has been named one of the 12 most fascinating ruins of the world ( I had a chance to visit Bacolod’s Monument of Love last

Boracay: Updated list of authorized and accredited hotels only

Update : As of October 12, 2018 Please note that by order of the Intergovernmental Task Force that is managing the rehabilitation of Boracay, only APPROVED AND COMPLIANT hotels will be able to accept guests. Please be advised that tourists will be issued special tourist ID at the Caticlan Jetty Port to ensure compliance. Check the following list which will be updated regularity as information is provided by the intergovernmental

Photo By : Cesar Tarroco Under

The main event of MassKara Festival is the street dancing competition where dancers don colorful costumes and masks and move to the rhythm of Latin music. MassKara Festival  is an annual festival in Bacolod City with highlights every fourth Sunday of October with street dancers in colorful costumes, masks and headdresses. Bacolod City invites you to the “happiest and most colorful festival in the Philippines” which will be a month-long celebration  with concerts,

Dos Palmas Beach Getaway

Dos Palmas Island Resort and Spa is a private resort situated on the Arreceffi Islands in Honda Bay, northeast of Puerto Princesa. Time stands still as you purposefully lie down on the shore of Dos Palmas. This resort that’s nestled in the tropical waters of Honda Bay makes for a sprawling piece of paradise that’s great for those really looking for an escape. Biking, kayaking and acting like an immobilized

10 Reason WHY you should visit Baguio during Panagbenga  Festival

Enjoy the amazing flower festival in Baguio! The use of the word Panagbenga is reflective of the blend of cultural influences from Malaysia and other South East Asian countries. The word translates to ‘the season of bloom’. The popular festival is scheduled for February, and is held to celebrate the abundance of flowers in the city. 1. Flowers Everywhere Panagbenga is the festival of flowers. So, watching the flowers is