10 Reason WHY you should visit Baguio during Panagbenga Festival

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Enjoy the amazing flower festival in Baguio!

The use of the word Panagbenga is reflective of the blend of cultural influences from Malaysia and other South East Asian countries. The word translates to ‘the season of bloom’. The popular festival is scheduled for February, and is held to celebrate the abundance of flowers in the city.

1. Flowers Everywhere

Panagbenga is the festival of flowers. So, watching the flowers is the main attraction of this festival which attracts people from all around the world to come and enjoy the views. At Panagbenga you will get chance to look at different types of the flowers which are hard to find at one place.

2. Feel the Weather

Baguio is famous for its lovely weather, especially in the February when the spring season got started there. The lovely weather does not give you fresh air to breathe but beautiful nature to view which got colors in the month of seasons due to flowers and green grass everywhere.

3. Meet the People

A festival is not just about music, dance, and food but it also gives you the opportunity to get interact with the people. The Panagbenga festival 2018 attract people from different part of the world. It is one of those festivals which allow you to meet with the people of different nature, culture, and color. So, do not miss out to attend this festival of the flower if you love to get know about other societies including the people of Baguio.

4. Enjoy the Food

One of the reasons which make me attend Panagbenga festival was the verity of food, drinks, and snacks. The Philippines is famous for its unique, cheap and street food. So, how could you ignore this attraction of Panagbenga where all types of food are available to eat at one place? You can test almost all dishes due to very low rates.

5. Panagbenga Decoration

The beautiful decoration of Panagbenga festival makes people come to the city of Baguio. The decoration is not limited to the festival related activities and events but to the each and every part of the city.

6. Panagbenga Floats

People wait for the grand parade of the Panagbenga festival. Why? Because of the grand floats which have been decorated with fresh flowers. The floats are not simple but very creative. People work on these floats to present on the grand parade of Panagbenga festival for whole years as it leads them to win prizes.

7. Street Dancing Parade

You have seen hundreds of parades where participants dance but have you ever seen the dancing flowers? Panagbenga gives you chance to watch and enjoy this.

n the dancing parade, the participants do not come up with ordinary dress or dancing steps but in totally different but colorful dress to show their specially Panagbenga dancing steps to the audience. This parade goes on for the hours where groups come time to time to show their performance on the road.

8. Panagbenga Music

The Panagbenga music has not become a popular trend. The videos and audio files related to Panagbenga music are very popular on the internet. Surely, you can enjoy it on YouTube, but it won’t gives you the feeling which you can only get when you attend the Panagbenga festival where singers sing live and bands play the live but specially Panagbenga music.

9. Enjoy the Fireworks

This festival does not only show the Firework once in the night but twice. You do not need to be any special place enjoys the firework as it can be seen on the main points of the city easily.

10. Explore the Nature

Once you did with the fun and energetic festival of Panagbenga, the next thing to do is to explore the beautiful nature of the city which is surrounded with mountains, lakes, forest, parks and much more.

Source : The Panagbenga Festival

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