Subic originated from the term “Hubek” and was Hispanized then further Americanized into the name it is today. It caresses the sublime Subic Bay, which is perfect for diving and underwater excursions. A boat ride perhaps? There are even chartered yachts for rent. The area is an example of the intermingling of modern conveniences and wild nature.  There are paved meandering roads that run through ancient rainforest. And we mean really old. The trees are taller than buildings. Some even have Tarzan-esque vines!  You’ll find ruins and abandoned American barracks. And of course, you can’t leave out the restaurants and gaming centers. You won’t miss them as most of them are beach front and along the Central Business District.

      Subic was once a US Naval Base, the largest US Naval facility outside mainland USA. This designation meant that large tracts of triple-canopy rainforest were left unused and unspoilt - and they remain so today, compete with abundant wild, flora and fauna. But in addition to the natural splendor, Subic Bay is filled with a multitude of exciting attractions.

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By Land: If you’re coming from Manila, the easiest way to get here is through private vehicle the North Luzon Expressway and on to the Subic Bay Freeport Expressway. You’ll pass through Dau to get to the Expressway, which is in Tipo Road, Bataan. The ride is 1.5 hours. Alternatively, you can take the Victory Liner from Edsa, Pasay and Caloocan that head for Zambales or Olongapo.

By Sea: You can live the high life and charter a yacht from Manila Bay to Subic Bay!


By Taxi
Taxis are available at the main SBMA/SFZ gates with olongapo. They can also be booked by telephone for collection anywhere inside Subic.



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  • Zoobic Safari
  • Forbidden Cave
  • Zoobic Cave
  • Animal Show
  • Aeta trail and show
  • Croco Loco
  • Serpentaruim
  • Zoobic Park
  • Tiger Safari


  • Pastillas
  • Bagnet 



  • Try zip through the air, soar over trees and fly like superman in SKY SAFARI adventure ride.
  • Get your picture taken while you feed or hold an exotic animal such as a young tiger,giant python snake or large iguana lizard.
  • Drive your car into an animal sanctuary of farm and exotic animals such as wild boars, potbelly pigs and guinea fowls.

 VOLUNTEERS MONUMENT (Children of the Sun Returning) Located along waterfront Road, this monument signifies the birth of the New Philippines.

 HEROES TRAIL Experience the thrill and excitement of walking with our noble heroues with life-sized dioramas depicting Philippine history.

 JUNGLE ENVIRONMENTAL SURVIVAL TRAINING (JEST Camp) Learn jungle survival techniques from US Navy-trained Aeta training officers. Visit the Mini Zoo and discover its diverse biological resources or see how the butterfies lice and flourish at the Butterfly Kingdom.

 OCEAN ADVENTURE (Subic Bay Marine Exploratorium) The first and most astounding nautical sanctuary in the country that showcases some of the world's most amazing sea mammals like sea lions, whales and dolphines in their natural habitat. A chance to watch thes sea mammals do spectacular stunts.

 SUBIC AVIARY AND BIRD PARK The park features a collection of imported birds.

 ZOOBIC SAFARI (The only Tiger Safari in the Philippines) A ride in the savana with safari jeep to witness live tigers - all of 1,000 lbs!; an exciting close encounter with Siberian and Bengal tigers; visit to the Serpentarium with live iguanas, crocodiles, snakes, lizards and turtles; Rodent World. an amazing collection of rodents, watch guinea pigs being groomed in the rodent salon; Forbidden Tree, conquer your fear with snakes as you walk thru a cage snakes dangling from the tree; Zoobic Park with live deer, ostritch, albino carabao, bear, monkeys, eagle, pootbelly cassowary, miniature horse, turtles, among the other creatures.

 APALIIN TRAIL Hike through the trails of Apaliin and discover the wonders of the Subic Forest. Be awed by the sight of Subic Bay on a banca ride back to the Central Business District.

 BAT KINGDOM Be mesmerized by Subic's bamboo bats and flyinf foxes. Over 10,000 fruit bats, the biggest of its kind in the world, roost in the protected forest reserve of Subic - the smallest in the Philippines.

 BICENTENNIAL PARK Enjoy outdoors with the family and friends at this picnic area. Native fishing gears are available for those who would like to try their hand at fishing in the man-made lagoon.

PAMULAKLAKIN FOREST TRAILS AND PASTOLAN AETA VILLAGE Take part in an ecology tour and trek inside the forest of Subic with the help of some native Aeta guides.

SUBIC BAY SHIPWRECKS Delve in the magnificent underwater world of Subic Bay and come face to face with its rare marine habitants. Explore relics of history that date back to the Spanich and American eras.

SUBIC BEACHES A vast stretch of marvelous sea waiting to be explored: Dungaree beach, Officers, All Hands, Miracle Nabasan, Hidden and Grande Island.

GRANDE ISLAND Managed ny Grande Island Resort, the island has been developed into a world-class island resort that offers the total family recreational experience for local and foreign tourist. A wide variety of tourism facilities and components such us beach facilities, freshwater and seawater pools, water park rides, water sports, fun rides, games, cottages including hotel and camp sites, food and beverages facilities, convenience shops plus the environment of a terminal pier for a convenient tourist ferry services.


  • Scootourista Festival. They promote a particular trade through rallies, races, motorcades, parades, or live rock bands. Scootourista is among Subic festivals that use a motorcade of motered vehicles to and around Subic. This festival starts from Olongapo, Zambales , Bataan, and then in Subic. Some 3000 strong scooter enthusiasts from different clubsin the said provinces join this motorcade in October. It also features, trade shows and exhibits of scooter brands, accessories, gears, and parts. There are live bands and, of course, food.
  • Subik!Subik! Festival. This is among Subic festivals that focus on tourism. In fact, it is headed by the Greater Subic Bay Tourism Bureau or GSBTB. It’s a 3-day festival held in February promoting tourism spots in the area, and neighboring provinces, and their latest developments. The main idea is to draw more tourists to enjoy Subic frequently, invite seminar and conference organizers to the lure of the place, and encourage investors to its industrial, commercial, and even residential areas. 


The weather in Subic Bay is similar to most other places in The Philippines, with dry season from November to May and wet season between June and October.
The average temperature is 26 degrees Celsius (80 degrees Fahrenheit) with the warmest part of the year stretching from March to May.

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