“The Tuna Capital of the Philippines ”

    Discover the Tuna Capital of the Philippines….the place where smiles are pure and hospitality still reigns supreme. The city is one of the country’s gateways to opportunity. Fun in the General Santos City is a blend of eco-cultural explorations and modern day trills.

    The city has two world-famous prized possessions—yellow fin tuna and the world’s most famous boxer, Manny Pacquiao. Their marks are everywhere, from the local eatery serving fresh tuna kinilaw (ceviche) to the tourist spot and home of Manny Pacquiao dubbed as Mansion II.

    The hometown of Manny Pacquiao is nothing short of marvelous. And it’s very evident all over the city. You can go swimming in Gumasa White Beach, caving in Kalaja Karst Area, hiking in Nopol Hills, camping and stargazing in Bunga Spring, rock climbing at Malakong Face, and sightseeing at Sansapan Cave Falls.

    Saranggani has 7 towns, each with something to offer. Nature, Adventure, Culture, Heritage, and History. Travel by comfortable, air-conditioned coach with guide who can point out the colonial-era ancestral homes, allees of verdant trees, landscaped gardens and quaint mainstreets of the towns of Glan, Kiamba, Maasim, Maitum, Malapatan, and Malungon.

     Sarangani is a blur of color, and choices of activities… the home of many communities, proud of their heritage and heroes. Accept their invitation to come and visit. Play in one of the deepest bays in the world… stay in some of the most hospitable resorts… enjoy a close-up look of life in a village thatv is vivid and vibrant. You will never forget Sarangani.

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By Land: It is 2 ½-3 hours away from Davao City by bus or van.

By Sea: Makar Wharf is the main international port of General Santos City. Superferry leaves Manila on Saturday and arrives in General Santos on a Tuesday. Other shipping lines also have once a week trips to the city. Travel time is usually 3 days and 2 nights.

By Air: PAL flies between Manila and General Santos City once a day. PAL also flies between Cebu and General Santos City once a day on PAL Express flights.


Commuting in and around General Santos City is a fast and convenient ride. More than 400 passenger buses like: Holiday Bus, Yellow Bus, Husky Tours, and Rural Transit and jeepneys wield routes within the city and neighboring provinces. Three-wheeled motorized cabs known as tricycles are the city's main mode of public transport and have been on the road since the pioneering times. Air-conditioned taxis also ply the city streets offering commuters a choice of a more comfortable mode of transportation.


  • Cebuano
  • Hiligaynon
  • Tagalog
  • English



  • Plaza Heneral Santos 
  • Sarangani Highlands
  • Kalaja Karsts Eco-Tourism Park
  • Kalajala River
  • Malakong Gorge
  • Sanchez Peak
  • Amsikong Falls
  • Bunga Springs
  • Olaer Spring Resort 
  • Balakayo Adventure Park
  • Dolores Tropicana Beach Resort
  • Queen Tuna Park
  • Spicy Sauteed Tuna Innards
  • Fresh Tuna Kinilaw with Cucumber 
  • Tuna Bagaybay 
  • Sizzling Tuna Tendons 
  • Tuna tendons Kilawin 
  • Crispy deep-fried Tuna Tail





  • Join the Tuna Festival.
  • Book a table at Sarangani Highlands for a view of the bay.
  • Ride the zipline at Malakong Gorge or at Balakayo Adventure Park.
  • Maasim will give you a glimpse into the Maguindanaoan way of life in the villages that cluster there

  • Maitum is Sarangani’s Cradle of Civilization, so you will be exposed to the province’s many rich traditions and history.

  • Malapatan is the gateway to Sarangani Bay, and boasts some of the best fish sanctuaries in the province.

  • Malungon is known for the Lamlifew School of Living Tradition, and visitors come from all over the world to observe the B’Laan traditions and crafts of the Indigenous People who live here.


  • Tuna Festival (held every September 1 to 5 - General Santos is known for having one of the best Tuna in the world. Tuna caught in General Santos is fresh out of the sea and it is one of the sources of income for this progressive city.)
  • Kalilangan Festival (held every February 22 to 27 - Commemorates the foundation of the bustling city and gives every visitor the opportunity to learn about the city’s rich culture and heritage.)



  • General Santos City is the largest producer of sashimi-grade tuna in the Philippines, thus earning the title "Tuna Capital of the Philippines".
  • The city is also known as “Dadiangas”, a native term used by the original settlers; the ethnic tribe the Bla-an, for a tree which has thorns on it’s trunk and stems, at present only a few Dadiangas trees can be found in the General Santos Park and surrounding farms in the city’s rural barangays.


General Santos City is outside the typhoon belt of the Philippines. You can expect good weather condition throughout the year. The province have two seasons; wet season starts in June and runs into October, while the dry season is in November thru' to May which is a much better time to visit just to be sure of the weather.

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