“ Sanctuary of a Nature’s Splendor “

 Beyond the lush forest of the Sierra Madre mountains lies a splendid land so unbelievably rich and untouched - Aurora, otherwise known as the “Sanctuary of Nature’s Splendor.”
    The Sierra Madre mountain range covers a large part of the province of Aurora. In fact, next to the Aurora coastline, it is the place where flora and fauna are most concentrated. Waterfalls, rivers, crystal clear streams of varying sizes are located within, if not adjacent to, the area of the Sierra Madre mountain. Special interest trips such as mountain climbing, safari, bird watching, ecological studies, or even as simple as picnics could be rolled into one by taking the trails recommended by local nature trekkers in the area.
    When the northeast monsoon winds blow and the usual tranquil white beaches are transformed into deathtraps by angry waves, it is time to come to Aurora to ride the waves on a surfboard.

Baler and its rich natural attractions present a wide range of activities for both adventure and nature appreciation. The Great Escapes’ signature tours carefully studied and developed activities to specially cater to your outdoor needs and preferences.

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By Land: Genesis Transport Bus provides the only direct route to Baler from Metro Manila. Its terminal is located along EDSA in Pasay City.

By Air: SEAir planes will actually land on an airfield in San Luis, which is currently maintained and manned by the Philippine Army. It can accommodate light chartered aircraft such as Cessnas, Fokkers, Islanders, Sunrisers and other light planes and helicopters. A flight from Manila takes about 45 minutes. The airfield is only about 20 minutes away by land to Baler.

By Water: To get around Aurora by sea, passenger boats depart from Duungan, located in a river leading to Baler Bay and Baler Poblacion. The boats are docked along the banks, just adjacent to a bridge connecting the Poblacion and Barangay Sabang. Trips to Dipaculao, Dinalungan, Casiguran and Dilasag are available.


One can take a bus, jeepney or a rented van to navigate the province’s nature and culture destinations. For short distance travel, the ubiquitous tricycle is an inexpensive and practical alternative. Motor boats can be rented from the local fisher folks for bay tours and diving sessions.


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  • Charlie’s Point (Famous for being the setting of Surfing Scenes)
  • Sabang Beach
  • Cemento Beach
  • Lamao Caves (A breeding ground for giant turtles)
  • Ditumabo Falls
  • Balete Tree, Ma. Aurora


  • Baler Suman
  • Ensaladang Pako – Or “Pako Salad”
  • Baler’s Yellow Fin Tuna
  • Crispy Tadyang




  • Trekking discover and explore the beauty and magnificence of nature through trek to the mountains. Enjoy this journey on the foot to the off-the-beaten trails and discover Baler’s hidden gems. Trek and go spelunking in Mt. Minoli’s newly discovered caves, enjoy a dip after few minutes of walk in the splendid waterfalls in San Luis, or go bird watching and feast your eyes with a myriad of bird species in the plush forests of Baler.
  • Explore Baler By Bike for those looking an adrenaline fix, the city bike tour is perfect for you. Pedal around the city and get your dose of cultural and historical excursion. Visit Museo de Baler, Dona Aurora House and in the infamous Millenium Tree among others. For the more experienced and bold, you can try mountain biking amidst the bountiful greens of Baler. Enjoy a challenging ride to Dimadimalangat and Aniao islets, the Diguisit falls and Pag-asa weather station. Take the road less pedaled and have a great escape on two wheels.
  • GLAMPING believe us when we tell that there is more to Baler than just surfing. And it doesn’t fail to offer sights and activities for both adventure and beach lovers. Try out beach glamping in Dicasalarin cove with tents, mattresses and catered food and cocktails served for luxed adventurers. Transportation form Costa Pacifica to Dicasalarin cove and other special arrangements are made to ensure you a day of fun and leisure. Get a taste of luxury in your next adventure, let Great Escapes show the path. 

  • Learn to Surf at Sabang Beach
  • Hug a tree (the largest Balete tree in Asia)
  • Hike to Ditumabo or Mother Falls
  • Climb up a Gigantic Balete Tree
  • Go to Mother Falls and walk on the Hanging Bridge!



  • Aurora Foundation (held everry Feb 14-19 - The most awaited event during the celebration of the annual Aurora Foundation Day is the so-called 'Karansa': a Street Dancing Competition where the concept of cooperation and unity called 'Paatag' prevails as the overall theme of the day's hilarious activities.)
  • Aurora Surfing Cup (held every 1st Week of February - the province of Aurora plays host to the Aurora Surfing Cup, which through the years, has established a steady following of local and international surfing enthusiasts.
  • Sabutan Festival August (held every August 24-25 - The Sabutan Festival in the town of San Luis, province of Aurora highlights the importance of growing palm trees locally called Sabutan on the community's economic wellbeing.)



  • In 1572, the Spanish explorer Juan de Salcedo became the first European to visit the region that would be known as Aurora while he was exploring the northern coast of Luzon.
  • Aurora is the only Philippine province named after a first lady.
  • BALER BAY is the best surfing place, nine-foot high waves...it's perfect!. If you're a surfer and want to join a surfing competition or just watch it, February is the best month to go - it's the Aurora Cap Month.

If you’re a surfer then the best time would be during Amihan (Northeast Monsoon), September to April because the general direction of the wind would be westward creating bigger waves.If you’re just a simple laid back tourist/traveller then the best time would be any time.

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