Posted on Tuesday, 28 2015
  ISABELA: QUEEN PROVINCE OF THE NORTH REGIONAL TRADE AND INDUSTRIAL CENTER AND AGRI-TOURISM DEATINATION   Prior to 1856, there were only two pmvinces in the Cagayan Valley Regiort ?Cagayan and Nueva Vizcaya. The Prarince of Cagayan at that time consisted of all towns from Tumauini to the no. in Aparri and all other towns from Ilagan [...]
Posted on Tuesday, 28 2015
  CAGAYAN VALLEY: MUST SEE ATTRACTION      Image source credit: msIZScCLf3pAWTdL9M0aQg9QCprpHjtmgdtkOwT2wGGcpt7/dreamstime_4935729.jpg? width=737&height=552 THE SEVEN CHAMBERED CALLAO CAVE boasts of massive limestone formations, skylights and a [...]
Posted on Tuesday, 28 2015
  CAGAYAN: A SMILING LAND OF BEAUTY INSTITUTIONAL, INDUSTRIAL AND INTERNATIONAL TRADE CENTER   Cagayan Province lies on the northern most part of Luzon mainland occupying the lower basin of theCagayn River. It is bounded on the east by the Pacific Ocean,on the west by the Cordilleras, on the south by the province of Isabela and on the [...]
Posted on Monday, 27 2015
CUISINE   1ST COLONIAL GRILL The grill brings back a nearly forgotten Bicolano Dish – the Tinutungang Manok. Cooked in gata, this chicken dish id fast becoming a bestseller just like their signature Tinapa Fried Rice.   CAMALIG PINANGAT Never leave Albay without its homegrown treats.Dad's and Let's both located in the town of [...]
Posted on Monday, 27 2015
  MUST SEE ATTRACTION (ALBAY)   MAYON VOLCANO Known as the world's most near perfect cone, it lies at the center of the three(3) cities and fifteen(15) municipalities of Albay. Towering at almost 8,000 feet above sea level (ASL), Mayon's name was delivered from the local dialect “Magayon” which means beautiful. CAGSAWA RUINS Built [...]

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CLUB PUNTA FUEGO Photo Credit : Club Punta Fuego   Club Punta Fuego is a premiere membership resort club located on Peninsula de Punta Fuego on the pristine coast of [...]
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