1. Stated hotel / online deal rates are nett in the currency offered unless specified with other charges.

2. The room rate quoted is on per room per night basis otherwise as stated in the deals or packages.

3. Booking must be made minimum 14 working days before date of check-in. However, in circumstances beyond our control, your reservation must be on a request basis and final confirmation will be informed to you as soon as possible but will in no way be held to have guaranteed your booking in anyway.

4. There will be booking deadline given for all reservations. Cancellation charges will follow the individual hotel cancellation policy.

5. If we are not able to confirm your requested hotel, we will confirm an alternative whenever possible.

6. All requests to hotels, such as non-smoking, adjoining rooms, early check-in, late check-out, will be under request subject to hotel approval and availability.

7. Your confirmed bookings will be processed once we receive the full payment. If we are not able to confirm your requested hotel, we will find alternative or similar category of the hotel/resort.

8. Full payment to be required for guaranteed bookings.

9. The check in and checkout time depends on the individual hotel's own policy. Hotel reserves the right to charge for periods when the room is occupied outside their normal check in and checkout time. You responsible to understand and agree hotels own policies on the check-in and checkout time, and Bridges Multi-Business Service Inc. will be released from any claims in relation to it.
10. Check-in voucher and payment receipt stating booking details can be printed out from the email confirmation sent by Bridges Multi-Business Service Inc. whereas full payment has been received and confirmed.

11. In general, single rooms contain one bed, double rooms contain one or two beds subject to availability upon request and triple/quad contains two beds. Roll away beds are usually available at a small fee payable to the hotel.

12. Family plan will apply only if stated. In general, maximum of two adults and two children below 12 years old are allowed sharing in a room unless it stated and however it will depend on individual hotel policies. In order to apply, child's ages have to be provided upon booking in destinations where applicable.

1. All requests for additional nights or rooms are subject to room availability.

2. Amendments are only effective once we confirmed to you.

3. Any amendments on the room nights stay of the hotel should reach us AT LEAST TEN (10) working days prior to your check-in date. Any amendments received less than seven (7) working days notice required is subject to penalty charge in accordance to the hotel's Amendment Policy.

4. The shorten stay including early check-out, reduction of number of rooms or people, no refund will be made.

1. Full charges to be applied or forfeited for no NO SHOW unless specified in the remarks.

2. Full cancellation charge will be applied one booking is guaranteed and finalized unless specified in the REMARKS.

The general rules for cancellation as below:
1. If notification of cancellation is received 8 days or more before check in date, there will be no cancellation charge, unless specify in the remarks.
2. One room night cancellation charge will be imposed if the booking cancelled less than 3 days before check in unless specify in the REMARKS.
3. During the peak season, such as festivals, conferences and special events, the cancellation policy may differ. The policy will be substituted the general terms and conditions.

4. Cancellation fee will be imposed to every hotel bookings during the peak season. In case a hotel should charge a fee for cancellation of more than one night, you will be responsible for the charge. This will be informed before you accept the terms.

5. It will be attraction of high prices during peak season in most cities. Even there are not strictly trade fairs on peak season. Our rates may be close to or even higher than rack and they will be treated similar to trade fairs. Cancellations deadline will be given. You will be responsibility for the cancelling within the specified date else you will have to pay for the full charges in accordance with these conditions.

Important notes : For all booking made within the cancellation policy period will be automatically subject to cancellation charge . Once booking has been made, you cannot cancel or amend.

1. Prepayment can be made by credit card (VISA and MasterCard) or by telegraphic transfer.
2. Bridges Multi-Business Service Inc. will charge your credit card in Philippine Peso (PHP) currency
3. Your credit card will be charged once the booking has been made. If the under request booking not confirmed, we will refund the payment to your accounts accordingly.

1. Any complaint has to be reported to Bridges Multi-Business Service Inc.. Bridges Multi-Business Service Inc. will not bear any responsibility for the compensation which the hotels have been aware and corrected of the issued raised throughout the client's staying period.

2. We will not accept any complaint or refund on the unused online deal vouchers which could have been received over 30 days after the date of check-in.

1. While all reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the validity of rates reflected in website are correct, all prices are subject to change with or without prior notice.
2. Bridges Multi-Business Service Inc. reserves the right to amend prices at any time without notice. This changes in rate are mainly due to the following: • Surcharges imposed by hotels during major International Conferences, Trade Fairs, major Events and Festivals. • Frequent fluctuating demands of hotel. • Frequent currency fluctuations.

1. All terms and conditions are subject to change by Bridges Multi-Business Service Inc. with or without prior notice. Online rate shall be the final on time of purchase.
2. The purchase of the services will indicate the acceptance of the traveller with full knowledge and consent to adhere to the conditions herein stated.